Helping you to sell more chairs!

Your customers will enjoy exercises at your office desk using motion sensor @@ and software by Physilect. Attaching the sensor to your chair and starting our game on your phone will take only a few minutes.

We offer you an affordable solution to add value to your chairs.

Exergames that motivate physical movement are perfect for working out right at the workplace. Exercise while sitting at your desk!
- Play and exercise while sitting or standing right at your desk

- Arrange tournaments and championships among employees during breaks and teambuilding

- Improve your physical health

90% of office employees experience health issues connected with a sedentary lifestyle and working behind a computer. Back pain, eyesight issues, and tunnel vision can interfere with living an active lifestyle and working productively.

We have a refreshing and entertaining solution for enjoying healthy office workouts, and it differs a lot from what under-desk exercise solutions offer.

Try out our exergames

Home Pottery

Relax and train your wrist at the same time creating wonderful pottery moving your hand
Nature walk
Now it is easy to walk in nature even if you are at home. Hold the sensor and feel as if your are walking in the nature
Pottery crasher

Free yourself from stress by moving your hand and crashing plates, feel the peace of mind and instant relaxation
Download the game from Google Play

Attach Sensor to the chair
Start the game (It will automatically sync with the Sensor)
Key features
Fun way to control games

No need to touch the screen to control the game. Control it with the movements of your body

Move and play
Small and Affordable
Affordable price
Android based
Compatible with any Android mobile device and screen (connected to mobile device)
Long life
Works for weeks without changing battery
Convenient form-factor
Stick it to the back side of the chair

We are open for partnership with office chair producers and distributors. We can help your customers get more fun sitting on your chairs! Let's add a new healthy and fun dimension to your chairs.

We are an innovative software development company from Finland. Physilect Oy is a pioneer of the computer aided remote rehabilitation in Finland. Physilect developed SDK (Software Development Kit) which helps developers to speed up development of mobile games which utilize BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) sensors.

We will be happy to hear from you. Please write us at to discuss possible cooperation.

Contact us at at and be the first to receive our new game releases

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